About Neogenys

NEOGENYS is a startup focused on research and development of solutions in the area of Molecular Diagnostics in Oncology, explicitly supporting patients risk stratification using biotechnology. We expect that our technology will offer high precision and precious information for rapid clinical decision-making during treatment management of patients with cancer.

"Help Save Lives"


 Our Mission

NEOGENYS' mission is to provide an accurate and rapid molecular diagnosis for patients with cancer and offer the possibility of personalized and effective treatment. The information provided by our platform stratify tumors according to the molecular subtypes that strongly impact on patients' prognosis. Hence, the therapy may be adapted to attend molecular subtypes: high-intensity treatment for "bad" prognosis subtypes, and low-intensity for "good" prognosis. This "gold" information supports oncologists for picking the right treatment that will ultimately spare patients of irreversible sequelae or improve survival.


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